Last week, the terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) cryptocurrencies lost much of their value and thousands of users were financially affected. In this context, scammers have appeared to promise to reimburse the losses of those affected.

For example, this is something that has been seen on the social network Twitter. People who tell how they lost their life savings due to the network crash, receive the response of those pretending to be a user service. “Please send us a direct message to solve all your problems immediately,” writes the user @terra_moneydev1 in response to a victim.

SlowMist, a company dedicated to security in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem, warns, “Many of you are devastated by recent events involving LUNA, but wait for official news. Don’t be fooled by websites claiming to give you refunds. They are scams. They are designed to steal your funds and NFT.”

This company, in its analysis of the case, detected that one of the scammers’ addresses had managed to accumulate more than 2 ETH. At the time of writing this article, as can be seen in the CryptoNews Price Calculator, the figure equals USD 4,200.

In Ethereum block explorers, such as Etherscan, it can be seen that the aforementioned address holds a token called “Luna Community”. Presumably, that would be the airdrop promised to their victims. It is worth clarifying that this is not an official token of the Terra ecosystem and has no market value.

Regarding this situation, some investors who lost their money with LUNA and UST reported that, when contacting these fake Twitter accounts, they were asked to “buy” ether (ETH, Ethereum cryptocurrency) to restore their funds.

Terra made it known that any news will be transmitted only through its official channels. In the case of Twitter, the account they use is @terra_money. “Any other Twitter account pretending to represent Terra is fake,” they clarify and warn, “users are advised to be on the lookout for scams.”

“Losing USD 100 thousand feels like the biggest scam”.

Faced with the warning of fraudulent accounts, given by Terra, there were those who took the opportunity to express their anger at what happened with that network.

The UST lost its parity with the US dollar and, as a consequence, the LUNA cryptocurrency lost 99.9% of its price. These days, the stories of many investors who were greatly affected by this situation have been known.

Some of these people, like the tweeter in the image below, consider everything that has happened to be, in itself, a scam:

In an attempt to preserve its good image, Luna has communicated the status of its reserves (which reached 80,000 bitcoins) and also announced that it is evaluating the possibility of carrying out a financial compensation plan to benefit those affected. But, at the time of this publication, no airdrop has been launched.

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