Finance, identity, healthcare, charity, supply chains, collectibles… to date, blockchain technology has become a sort of panacea for almost any sector you can think of.

Although no one would have said it during its early days being just the background of Bitcoin, the popularity of this technology seems to be only increasing with each passing day. Because of this, it is no wonder that, apart from the more predictable uses, several companies and individuals have decided to use it in rather unusual projects or services.

Below, we will show you some of them, which you may or may not want to resort to.

Space economy

Space colonization is one of humanity’s great dreams, and in the not-too-distant future the blockchain could help build an entire economy in space; from contracts and currencies to taxes and a new banking system. This was stated by Dr. Kartik Hegadekatti, of the Indian Ministry of Railways, in his study on the subject. He also points out that bringing physical money or electronic machines from Earth to other planets would be too expensive, so the natural alternative is cryptocurrencies.

It could be said that Asgardia, the space nation project, took Hegadekatti at its word; for its economy they plan to create the SOLAR cryptocurrency. In the same vein, the California Space Center is developing a blockchain for financial records and transfers that could work in outer space. This, of course, with a view to future space colonization.

Visual novel

One may ask, how is it that blockchain could intervene in a visual novel? Maybe that’s what the novel is about…? A little bit, but no. In reality, Deus ETH is based on Ethereum smart contracts and features 50 tokenized characters, each of which can be bought and sold at market price. These little characters, moreover, are anthropomorphic tokens with unique accessories that fight for their lives in a post-apocalyptic environment.

The survival of each character during each of the ten episodes was randomly determined by smart contracts, and for the last three survivors, or rather, for the owners of these tokens, a reward awaited in the final chapter. The complete graphic novel can be found on their website, divided into short videos. The first chapter, just as an example, portrays the confrontation between the protagonists and the CryptoKitties, who in this future have been transformed into killing machines.

Buy virtual land

You’ve probably seen The Matrix or Ready Player One, right? Well, it must be said that, thanks to the blockchain, these virtual worlds are not so far away. With Decentraland you can build and in fact own both objects and virtual lands according to your preference, without the intervention of any centralized entity; as happens in most virtual reality developments. The MANA cryptocurrency is an open source blockchain platform.

Such virtual land has become so coveted that one of them was sold a few months ago for almost USD 9,000 through an auction. Similarly, it is even possible to mortgage them thanks to Decentraland’s alliance with Ripio’s P2P lending network.

We would not dare to say that these are all the unusual uses of the blockchain, far from it. In fact, it is very likely that in the near future we will see even stranger projects and services, mixing even several technologies.

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